Dirt and water resistant roof paint

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Dirt and water resistant roof paint

  • Designed to work in conjunction with Flash Harry waterproofing systems for a complete roof coating solution, or
  • just as good as a standalone product for problem free roofs
  • for metal and tiled roofs
  • water resistant
  • dirt resistant
  • environmentally friendly

FROGSKIN is a terpolymer roof paint for use on metal and tiled roofs, specifically designed to dramatically increase adhesion to the roof substrate as well as ensure lasting colour fastness, providing long-term stability and non-fading beauty.

Using the waterproofing principles perfected in the Flash Harry laboratory, FROGSKIN’s formulation ensures minimal water uptake, thereby eliminating delamination as well as dramatically reducing dirt collection.

Most importantly, for our frog-hugging friends, FROGSKIN is an environmentally-friendly product.

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5 Litres, 20 Litres


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