Bituminous Aluminium paint.

Alu-Coat Silver is a modified bituminous aluminium paint, primarily used for over coating bituminous waterproofing systems and metallic surfaces.

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  • Alu-Coat Silver offers several advantages over conventional bituminous aluminium paints. It’s extreme brilliance, allows maximum U.V and heat reflection giving increased service life to the substrate.
  • Alu-Coat Silver’s high flash point (high boiling point solvents) which boil between 1800 – 2000 c increase coverage by preventing the product “drying out” on the roller during application.
  • Alu-Coat Silver must be stirred well, with a flat paddle, before and regularly during application, in order to prevent settling of the silver pigment.
  • Special care must be taken not to expose Alu-Coat Silver to any moisture. This may be in the form of condensation on the surface being coated, moisture contamination of the product in the container, or moisture present in a roller or brush. The presence of moisture during application will result in a dull or bronze surface finish.
  • Avoid applying Alu-Coat Silver onto cold roof surfaces.

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